I’m Baaaaaack…

Mariachi QAnd I do feel like celebrating that. Where have I been?  Well, living life. Stuff’s been happening, guys.


First, our beautiful daughter got married. See the happy couple? It was lovely and exhausting and all went swimmingly and now we have a son-in-law. All is well. But, man. Here’s a good story: I was visiting with our daughter-in-law’s parents at the wedding reception. Daughter-in-law’s mother asked me how it had all gone for me, all the set up and prep and running around. “Well,” I said, “I am pretty wiped out. For the past week, I have been my daughter’s personal slave. Anything she needed, I said, ‘OK, it’s handled,’ and then I would handle it. I’ve been run off my feet. I was happy to do it for her, but I’m really tired.” She nodded in recognition. Then, perfect timing, my dear daughter the bride breezed up and daughter-in-law’s mother asked her the same question: how did it all go for her, all the set up and prep and running around? “Oh, it was easy,” my daughter replied airily. We smiled knowingly at each other, we mothers of brides.

But after all that, I thought it would be back to our regularly scheduled program. Except then my laptop got to go on the honeymoon with the happy couple while my daughter’s laptop was at Best Buy getting repaired (just one of the things I helped handle). I didn’t feel up to figuring out how to post from my cute little tablet, so I got into this mindset of waiting a bit to write a post.

And then I got the flu and was sure I’d been run over by a truck for a week. Then I had to recover from that, which turned out to be really hard – I was really tired, and starting to wonder if there was something wrong with my body.

Then Christmas – you know, suddenly you’ve got places to be and stuff to do and all that. I did all that, but I was so, so tired.

And then right after the new year, I ended up in the hospital. Yes, I was as surprised as anyone. Turns out I had severe anemia. I ended up having transfusions of four units of red blood cells (they call them RBC’s in the hospital, which I find somehow appealing – rolls nicely off the tongue, don’t you think?). Since I have about 10 units of blood in me total, yeah, adding 4 kind of shows you how low I was. Low low low. And then I had to have this dark grey iron sludge IV’d into me for five days. Literally, it was iron sludge. I think they called it “iron sucrose.” Made me feel better, but I was still tired and sleepy as my body recovered from all this and started repairing itself.

…And then, two weeks later, my father died unexpectedly. We went to be with our family. Funerals are odd events, really. I’ve been to a bunch, unfortunately, so I can speak out of some experience here. It’s a sad event, and emotions come in waves, but it’s also great to see family you haven’t seen for a while, and all be in the same place with nothing to do but enjoy each others’ company, and everyone is acutely aware of how precious that time is. So there’s something really, really good about the family coming together, even for a funeral. It’s comforting, and valuable and resets your priorities and it’s not really as gloomy as you might think, if you haven’t experienced it. But still, yeah. My dad’s gone and I have to figure out how to cope with/adjust to that.

So I’m home this weekend, just breathing, just absorbing all this life stuff that’s been happening. It helps that the sun is out today. Feels nice.

And in a month, I am having surgery. A happy little hysterectomy, to remove the fibroids that are completely out of control and made me so anemic. For me, this is the best solution. But I’m looking at a potential six week recovery period.

So, yeah. Things keep happening. Don’t ask me why. I kind of feel like I’m just “drifting along with the tumblin’ tumbleweeds” right now, if that makes sense to you. Just letting things happen, experiencing them, not fighting.

I’ll keep you posted. And, happy knitting!


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