Dancing Skeletons Scarf!

StephJust in time for your next Werewolf Bar Mitzvah! Spooky! Scary! (that’s a 30 Rock reference), I present – Dancing Skeletons! Or “dancin’ skellingtons with all bones on,” if you are swimming through space on the back of a giant tortoise (and there’s a Discworld reference). Or, you know, also in time for Halloween (“Nice work, Bone Daddy” – Nightmare Before Christmas – oops, there’s another…), or for Dia de los Muertos, or just as a momento mori.

Dem Bones! Dat Face! Who cares why? Just make the cute little guy, dancing his heart out, and wear this double knit scarf in good health. And when you’re done wearing it, well, just put your skeletons back in the closet. (OK, I’m done.)

My inspiration for this one is easy:

Just one more:

Mr. Bones, Mr. Bones! How do you feel, Mr. Bones? Rattlin’! Mr. Bones is rattlin’. Ha, ha! That’s a good one! – Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye sing “Mr. Bones,” White Christmas (Seriously. I could do this all day long.)

Want to make some bones of your own? Find the pattern in my Ravelry store here. Cheers!


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