New Purses!

So this week, here’s two new purses.

Hummingbird heroIntroducing the Hummingbird Easy Double Knit Purse. This one’s got a bird on it. Because I’m from Portland and I do everything Portlandia tells me to do. Plus, I really like hummingbirds. We have a little lovely in living in a pine tree in our backyard. She’s raised three pairs of chicks in the past three years. She works so hard, and we make sure to have nectar for her every day. This is for you, Beautiful!

Modern PurseAnd here is a Mid-Century Modern geometric design. Cause why not. I think it’s striking.

You can find the patterns here. I have included detailed instructions, including how to deal with the most common problems that beginners face.

And as always, more to come in the coming weeks!


2 comments on “New Purses!

  1. Wow, the hummingbird is especially gorgeous. Love it!

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