Mrs. Hudson’s Wall

Sherlock hero

Oh, poor Mrs. Hudson. She tries so hard to keep things nice, but what does her mad tenant do when he’s bored? He tears the place apart.


Show your love for the world’s greatest consulting detective, declare yourself on the side of the angels, bored perhaps but never boring, by making this homage to the great man himself. Poor Mrs. Hudson. It really is nice wallpaper.

Smile closeup

What do you think? Not bad, eh? I found this fuzzy yellow yarn that perfectly matches the look of spray paint on the wall, It’s amazing, better than I ever thought possible. The pattern includes step by step instructions for how to get that third color inserted into double knitting. It actually went well. It got a little ridiculous with all those little yellow yarn ends dangling, but it worked out just right and the pain didn’t last too long before returning to the ‘simple’ black and white wallpaper pattern. And that wallpaper – mmm – I didn’t really appreciate it in all its glory until I knit up the pattern. It’s just gorgeous. Which makes the cheery face all the more inappropriate, which makes it funnier.

I love this one! If you do too, you can find the pattern on my Ravelry page, here.


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