Introducing… Double Knit Purses!

K-9 Purse Hero

Want to learn how to double knit, but this lady’s crazy long scarves in lace weight yarn too terrifying to contemplate? No worries! Here’s a simple, fast, easy project that will make you a cute and useful item: little purses!

And I have not one but two designs for you today.

K-9 Purse back    K-9 Purse open

The K-9 purse has a Gallifreyan’s best friend on the front, cool bowties inside, and dalek dots on the back. It will fit a paperback book for those long lines at the big conventions, or a fine selection of everyday essentials at any time.

Each pattern includes detailed written instructions on how to double knit as well as how to make the I-cord straps. This project should take you between 8 and 14 hours, depending on your skill level.

 Hobbit heroHobbit cute   Hobbit open   Hobbit back

The There and Back Again purse has a lovely round hobbit door on the front, a treasure chest on the inside and Rivendell on the back.

These were done in sport weight yarn for 6 by 8 inch dimensions, but you can easily make these purses in worsted weight for a 7 by 11 inch purse. And you could felt it for greater sturdiness, too!

You can get the patterns here. Make one for yourself, one for your friend, one for a sweet kid you know and one for fun. Or just make one. That’d be all right. You don’t have to go nuts unless you roll that way.

In other fab news, I just learned that a wonderful Raveler entered her There and Back Again Story Scarf in the Oregon State Fair and won the first place ribbon! I’m so proud; I feel like a grandma. I’m not surprised, mind you. But proud, yes, very proud.

So many more new designs coming, folks. This is just the beginning.


Lots and Lots and Lots of Things Coming

…Hang in there…  I have sooooo many pretty projects to show you this fall! I’m not sure, I’ll have to check again, but I think it’s about one per week from the beginning of September to Christmas. And more beyond that, though maybe one every two weeks at that point, right through to March. Some are still in the design stage, so I get to keep knitting all fall. Yay! 

I need photos taken and to finish up instructions on all the lovelies I have done, and then we’ll be ready to rock and roll. There are more geeky and fancy scarves, a hat or two, and …drum roll… purses! They’re so great, quick projects, especially good for learning how to double knit.

So I’ll be back soon, with the first pictures – if all goes well. I can hardly wait to show you. 

I’m excited!