I get the feeling that I’m not so much being pulled down as I am being pushed.

As Phoebe Buffay said, “Don’t get me started on gravity.”

There’s no knitting in this video, but there are some things I love and wanted to share with you: interesting info about space that most people don’t know, the voice of Alan Tudyk, a brain parasite that says, “Wah-wah,” (so cute!) and, best of all, Wil Wheaton messing around. Watch to the very end, if you trust me.

That’s all well and good you say, but where’s the connection to, you know, knitting and/or yarn? Where are the kitties? How about a song? This one is still sciencey but also points out the superiority of yarn in such a way that even Einstein has to acknowledge it.

String < YARN!!!

PS: One more – I like OK Go’s videos, but I have to say this one is SO visually complex I’m not even sure what I’m looking at. Astonishing.


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