Hats Off!

Doing my part to encourage the spread of hat-hair…

The ten hats are done, by the way.

RAWR times ten

Proof. In the “pix or it didn’t happen” sort of thing.

I am proud to have it all done. Had to flog myself to actually finish the last two. But I didn’t want to disappoint the lovely and talented young women who ordered them from me, so I had that motivation pushing me forward. It was like a see-saw: overwhelming reluctance to do the same thing again balanced with a desire to follow through well. Somehow I managed it.

I’m so proud to have them all washed and packaged up.


See? I even bagged the bags that held the hats. And what a relief to hand them over and finally, finally be done.

They apparently worried about their rep, coming to meet up to get the hats.

Doubleclicks tweet copy

You can’t blame them. I am totally intimidating.

Doubleclicks & me

Here we are, me and Aubrey and Angela Doubleclicks and our lovely naked guardian angel watching over our shoulders.

Much fortune to you, Doubleclicks! Now that your Kickstarter is done and you are living your dream, you have much muchness of work to do to make it happen. And I have much work to do to make my dream a reality, too.

My next project is super exciting (to me, anyway – what excites you?): I am working on a video class to teach double knitting! I have a great project for people to make, with most excellent options for various graphic designs. I can’t wait to share more as I get it in place.

So that’s coming before too long. And I have many projects I’m trying to work on for a fall release. It’s good to be busy with fun ideas!


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