Terrible Things

I’m sorry. I fell off the map there for a bit.

Last week, my husband and I celebrated a Big Anniversary – one of those with a zero at the end (OK, OK, stop asking – the third one, if you must know) – by going to Victoria, B.C. Of course, when we scheduled this marvelous trip, it was BEFORE said husband quit his job. He quit for a very important reason, and I agree with him completely, but still, it’s a shock. So we’re going to be financially strapped for a while. I’m still glad we took the trip. We tried to be frugal while not depriving ourselves of too much. We still wanted to celebrate us. So we did!

Look! A mansion they call a castle - totally cool!

Look! A mansion they call a castle – totally cool!

Look! A museum!

Look! A museum!

Look! Fabulous B&B breakfast!

Look! Fabulous B&B breakfast!

Anyway, we spent an afternoon at Murchies, a long established Tea Shoppe which sits in Tourist Zone Ground Zero. Ambiance and tradition and yadda yadda. 🙂 It was elegant. My husband drank coffee and worked on his book (fantasy genre, excellent if I do say so myself, and nearly done – yay!) and I drank a chai latte and knit (of course).

While we sat there, I swear I overheard the following at the table next to us:

Man (with French Canadian accent): And then there was the cow.

Woman: He killed a cow?

Man: No, he did not kill the cow.

Woman: What did he do to the cow?

Man: Terrible things.


I did my best not to burst out laughing (sorry, I have perhaps a sick sense of humor) and quickly wrote it all down, word for word. If you’re like me, you will now start saying, “Terrible things,” and laughing out loud, all day long.

I won’t promise, because I don’t really trust my promises, but my commitment is that I am back, and I will write again later this week. Have a great day, and be nice to cows, for heaven’s sake.


2 comments on “Terrible Things

  1. Oh dear. The poor cow. Probably best that we don’t know its fate.
    On a happier note, happy anniversary!

  2. Yes, it was the perfect ending to the story. And thank you! My favorite comment was from a man who said, “We’re at sixty-three years. Keep going!” 🙂

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