The Right Stuff

When you are doing a task, it is important to have good equipment. I remember when I figured this out, as a kid. I learned that there are colored pencils, and then there are colored pencils. I was maybe eight years old.
Lately, I’ve been working on making lots of hats, as I’ve said. I use size 1 (2.25mm) double pointed needles for the brim, and then two size 2 (3mm) circular needles for the body of the hat. One of the circs works fine. But the other was driving me crazy. No, more emphasis: the other circular needle was DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! The transition from the needle to the plastic circular/loopy part was terrible. I was spending a lot of time, I mean a lot a lot A LOT of time pushing every stitch over the scratchy, catchy, bumpy, not-smooth transition. Every. Single. Round. It was like trying to get thoroughly awake and busy toddlers to keep their pants on and put on their shoes and get in the car when one is in a hurry. Over and over and over again.
I started to wonder how much time I was wasting, pushing stitches one by one up the needle, and then pushing them off the other side of the needle every few minutes, fighting for my life all along the way. I bet two hours or more per hat.
And it wasn’t that particular circular needle, either. I have two of them, and I tried switching. I had the same problem. The brand is Boye. And I have a lot of their knitting accessories. Most of them work fine. I have no problem with a company that sells simple, adequate quality tools for low prices. and that’s how I’ve always seen Boye – decent stuff, not fancy, but a good budget stretcher for tools I need. But these circular needles are just no good. Sorry, but it’s true. I don’t remember where I got them, but they are leaving my house after this, because they are jerks.
I went to a yarn store on Thursday during my lunch break and bought Addi turbo circular needles in the right size.
Ahhhh…. Joy. Slipping, sliding, easy, stitches moving smoothly along as I ask them to, no arguing, no tantrums, just moving uncomplainingly where I need them, no trouble at all. I feel so much better and I’m sure I’ve gained much more than two hours per hat with these excellent needles. What a good decision!
Don’t try to live with garbage equipment, boys and girls. It just ain’t worth it!


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