Betsy Super Warm Double Knit Hat


Here’s the thing. Some days, when I have to walk to the subway, then from the subway to work and it’s oh-dark-thirty and the wind is knifing through the street canyons, I need a hat. A no-nonsense, seriously warm hat. This is it. The Betsy is double thick and reversible, made in double knit ribbing. It’s alpaca, which is warmer than wool and softer. It’s got a very generous brim, so I can pull it right down around my face on days when I feel like my eyelashes are frosting up. And it’s soft, skwooshy, bright and cheerful, to boot.

SDC12150    SDC12154   SDC12167

Here is a fabulously warm, stretchy, stretchy hat made in double knit rib, colorful enough to spark warmth in the drabbest of midwinter hearts, and made with Eve’s grand yarn. It’s a worsted weight called Betsy (or the VIVA collection at Living Dreams Yarn & Fiber), alpaca and silk blend, so soft, so very, very warm… and pretty! I gave the prototype to Eve. We might just be teaming up to make kits for sale, though really all you need to do is pick one of her rainbow variegated yarns for one side, and a solid in one of the rainbow’s colors for the other side and you can’t go wrong.

Pictures show it’s pretty, but you have to get your hands on it to feel just how lush and skwooshy and warm it is. Yarn is at LivingDream and the pattern, along with picture instructions by yours truly on my Ravelry page.


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