Hangin’ with the Harlot



Look! Wooly people congregated and doing what comes naturally: surrounded by books and with yarn in our laps. Disclaimer: my husband took these photos; I did not suddenly gain any ability to use a camera.


Here is the Yarn Harlot taking a picture of her excited Portland crowd with her current sock in progress. Here’s the pictures she took.  I felt like cheering, because I have seen those pictures so very many times, and here I was in one of them. Disclaimer: I’m in her picture in that I was there. This does not mean that you can actually see me.


Here she is entertaining us by reading from her book for the first time, on the very day the book came out! We could hear her, most of the time, despite encroaching mall sounds and the terrible speakers. By the way, I’ve been thinking about how stupid it is that bookstores and hotel ballrooms always seem to have blown out speaker systems. The sound is always, always distorted, muffled and crackling. I am guessing it’s because the two undersized speakers they have up front are never adequate to fill the space with sound, so they are always maxed out and promptly blow out and the hotel and/or bookstore never, ever replaces them. I don’t know why we put up with this, but we always do. Disclaimer: it’s OK to use ‘always’ and ‘never’ when you are frustrated and have no intention of being reasonable about it.


And here she is being gracious to me after being gracious to about two hundred people in line in front of me. Thank you, Ms. Harlot! It was really nice to meet you. Come back again soon!

PS: Welcome back, daffodils. A thousand times, welcome!




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