Meeting People. Wool-gathering People

And I mean that in the best way possible. Last Wednesday evening, my daughter and I cruised around the Yarn Ball, downtown Portland, with a couple hundred other wool hunter-gatherers. There was dessert, and music, and a nice view. It was fun, though I do wish the room had been larger and we could have had more conversations. I wanted to, you know, meet people, but it was hard to talk casually with folks (it was pretty crowded and loud). And maybe next year, name tags with affiliations underneath? But I’m not complaining. It was nice just to be in the presence of so many dedicated crafty people.

I took pictures, to show you, but they were ALL seriously out of focus. Add to list: learn how to take pictures.

We did win a door prize, which was awesome.


Isn’t it pretty? Yes, slightly out of focus, sheesh, but still pretty, right? I have to think what to do with it. Oh – I just had an idea. Yes! You will see this yarn again some day.

And then the Rose City Yarn Crawl happened from Thursday through Sunday. Lots and lots of good wool hunting (heh, heh) by many hundreds of avid wool-gatherers. Eighteen stores were involved! I did not participate too much – I’d have liked to get to more stores, just to see them, and represent yarn solidarity and all. Long story, but it didn’t quite work out. But I did make sure to meet Eve of, who makes wonderful colors and the softest yarn you ever cuddled. She has been very generous with me. Eve was doing a trunk show thingy at an adorable yarn store at Orenco Station called Black Sheep. We met like long lost friends. It was great! Right here is where I should have a picture of us smiling together, surrounded by yarn →

…except I was too excited and forgot to get pictures. Add to list: remember to take pictures. After learning how.

But I can show you some more of her yarn, instead. This is some of her latest creation, lovely variegated yarns. I already have a Plan for one of them.


Dear yarn: Cathy loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

And this is some pale green silk/rayon blend that my daughter and I have decided is going to become fingerless mitts for keeping  hands warm while typing. Fingerless typing gloves! I don’t know about you, but I have cold hands all winter, so I’m really looking forward to getting that pattern worked out. They’ll be grand, just you wait.


Is this picture actually in focus? Is that possible?

So all those wool-gatherers together, all weekend, and still all I have to give you are pictures of yarn. Eh. You’ve seen people before, right?

And then you know what is happening? The world famous Yarn Harlot is on book tour right now, and her first stop is at Powell’s Books in Beaverton – right by my house! Tonight! Yay! Add to list: at least BRING the camera…

So there will be more wool-gatherers gathered tonight, and I can guarantee there will be knitting needles out. It’s so amazing! With all this yarn fraternization, right in the open, I’m beginning to wonder about my everyday life. Most people I know can’t identify whether something handmade is knit or crocheted. They can’t tell the difference between sheep’s wool and alpaca by touch, and never heard of worsted weight. They ask how I made whatever it is I’m showing them and then their eyes glaze over after my first three words of explanation. Add to list: stop being boring. Maybe show pictures? Ha!

I’m coming to the conclusion maybe they’re all the odd ones and we’re the ones in touch. Right? You know it. Wool-gatherers, unite! Though we just did that, repeatedly. Maybe just keep knitting, then?


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