Can’t Stop the Signal Scarf

Fruity Snow Hero       Friuty Tree

Central to the plot of the feature film Serenity lies the Fruity Oaty Bar commercial. An Alliance assassin has embedded within that syrupy ad a code meant to force River to reveal herself. But it also dislodged a foreign memory in her, of someone or something called… Miranda. And the secret information buried within Miranda can tear the Alliance apart.

Fruity girlFruity Octopus

Or maybe it has nothing to do with Miranda. Maybe it’s just the commercial. And if that’s the case, we still can’t blame River for her rage. There are some commercials so inane, so pervasive, that I feel like if I have to watch it one more time, I’m going to bust the place up, too. Browncoat, wear these wonderful whimsical images with pride. Remind everyone that you could go berserk at any moment for no apparent reason. Or wear it to remind everyone that you can’t stop the signal.

* * * * *

Oh, I am so proud of this one! The colors are just what I pictured, and the images came out so, so well.  This is my personal winter scarf, a splash of color in the winter blah. Sure, not many people will understand it. I don’t really care; I like it and Joss would understand it and that’s enough. 🙂

If you like it too, you can make one from my pattern on Ravelry. I’d love that so much!

Fruity fruity      Fruity Octopus Back


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