Treasure On His Mind


Then Bard drew his bow-string to his ear. The dragon was circling back, flying low, and as he came the moon rose above the eastern shore and silvered his great wings.

– The Hobbit

This reversible double knit hat is part of a set, along with the There and Back Again Story Scarf, or of course it can stand alone.

The evil old dragon is guarding his treasure, but carries in the hollow of his left breast the flaw that will be his downfall, as long as the arrow flies true.

This pattern, worked in Emerald (green) and Sunshine (yellow) is sure to get noticed.

It’s available on Ravelry, and I’m using the luscious Alpaca/Silk yarn from the scarf. Oh, so soft!


In other news, we, even we soft Pacific Northwesterners, got snow today. As it fell, our younger dog looked carefully at it out the window for a long time. Then we let her outside and watched her do doggy science experiments to learn about it. She tested it on her feet, she smelled it, tasted it, watched it fall, and then ran out of ideas. Or got bored, I’m not sure which. I love snow, even after living in Alaska for a year, I still love snow.


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