Celtic Knots and Shamrocks Double Knit Scarf

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.

Celtic Hero Shot

Everyone needs shamrocks, and who doesn’t love Celtic knots! This scarf is a good intermediate project that knits up fast. Just the thing to brighten those late winter days – soon the green will be all around, but for now, well. Wear it to keep warm and be patient just a little longer.

IMGP0656  IMGP0652

When I looked for St. Patty’s Day patterns on Ravelry, almost everything was shamrock themed, and everything was green and white. I wanted a richer color, so I went with a beautiful gold from Knitpicks. Nobody seems to have combined Celtic knots with shamrocks, which I would consider a pretty natural way to go.

The scarf came out just as I pictured it, warm in color and, um, warmth, fairly thick and reassuring. This is a fingering weight pattern, so it knits up faster than the lace weight designs I have. We went to Mt. Hood in search of snow for pictures, the week before we had our snow here in Portland. It had just snowed and then obligingly cleared up, and it was just gorgeous out there, but really cold. And then we had lunch at Timberline Lodge – yum!

Anyway, I hope you like it. Next week is the Yarn Ball and Yarn Crawl around Portland, and I’m really excited. I have another design for you, too – a simple hat that is bright, beautiful and super warm, for windy dreary days.

Spring is coming!


Can’t Stop the Signal Scarf

Fruity Snow Hero       Friuty Tree

Central to the plot of the feature film Serenity lies the Fruity Oaty Bar commercial. An Alliance assassin has embedded within that syrupy ad a code meant to force River to reveal herself. But it also dislodged a foreign memory in her, of someone or something called… Miranda. And the secret information buried within Miranda can tear the Alliance apart.

Fruity girlFruity Octopus

Or maybe it has nothing to do with Miranda. Maybe it’s just the commercial. And if that’s the case, we still can’t blame River for her rage. There are some commercials so inane, so pervasive, that I feel like if I have to watch it one more time, I’m going to bust the place up, too. Browncoat, wear these wonderful whimsical images with pride. Remind everyone that you could go berserk at any moment for no apparent reason. Or wear it to remind everyone that you can’t stop the signal.

* * * * *

Oh, I am so proud of this one! The colors are just what I pictured, and the images came out so, so well.  This is my personal winter scarf, a splash of color in the winter blah. Sure, not many people will understand it. I don’t really care; I like it and Joss would understand it and that’s enough. 🙂

If you like it too, you can make one from my pattern on Ravelry. I’d love that so much!

Fruity fruity      Fruity Octopus Back

Treasure On His Mind


Then Bard drew his bow-string to his ear. The dragon was circling back, flying low, and as he came the moon rose above the eastern shore and silvered his great wings.

– The Hobbit

This reversible double knit hat is part of a set, along with the There and Back Again Story Scarf, or of course it can stand alone.

The evil old dragon is guarding his treasure, but carries in the hollow of his left breast the flaw that will be his downfall, as long as the arrow flies true.

This pattern, worked in Emerald (green) and Sunshine (yellow) is sure to get noticed.

It’s available on Ravelry, and I’m using the luscious Alpaca/Silk yarn from the scarf. Oh, so soft!


In other news, we, even we soft Pacific Northwesterners, got snow today. As it fell, our younger dog looked carefully at it out the window for a long time. Then we let her outside and watched her do doggy science experiments to learn about it. She tested it on her feet, she smelled it, tasted it, watched it fall, and then ran out of ideas. Or got bored, I’m not sure which. I love snow, even after living in Alaska for a year, I still love snow.

Well, that was easy

I meant to write earlier, but I was having some photo trouble and not feeling so well for a few days and then my hard drive threatened to die (it’s still threatening, but not quite so sincerely) and blah, blah, blah, normal life stuff everyone deals with, that sometimes makes us a little behind on follow through. Anyway. Just means I have more to write about now.

So a couple weeks ago I wrote to the Doubleclicks and said, “Hey, I made you some hats. I can give them to you at one of your upcoming shows, if you want them. Whaddaya think?”  And they were really nice and said they were great hats and they looked forward to meeting me. Sweet.

IMGP0455      IMGP0482

So my daughter and I went to see them play at the comic book store and it was a lot of fun and Molly Lewis was there, too, and she’s also funny and geeky


and that was also great, and at the end we got in the fan line, said hello and gave the hats to the band.


But they were backlit by the late afternoon sun and my photographer daughter couldn’t back up to get better focus and angle away from the sun, so this is the best we get. Sigh. You can still see how cute they all are together, though. 🙂

The Doubleclicks, unbeknownst to me (that’s the first time I’ve ever written the word ‘unbeknownst’ – how did I do?), are currently involved in a Kickstarter campaign to help them produce their next album, among other things. Their first few days went marvelously well, and they had to raise their goals because they blew past their original target in something like four hours, I think I heard. Good for them, right? Right! And then I got an email from one of them, asking if I’d be interested in participating in their promotion by providing a few hats. They wanted to add a few new perks, since many of the ones they were offering were already spoken for.

So I made a deal with them that for a minimal charge I’d provide them with up to ten hats to use as incentives in their Kickstarter campaign (give this amount of money and we’ll send you a custom hat, sort of thing). I like designing more than production work, but once in a while, I think it is fine to just make something for somebody. We made the deal, which made me happy and I hope made them happy, they put it up on their Kickstarter page and nine hats were snapped up within 24 hours. Shock! Amaze! Yay! The tenth one dawdled along for a little over another day, I think, before it too was claimed. So pretty soon I’m going to get an email from them telling me what sizes and colors they need and I’ll get to knitting a bunch of hats. I’m already worried about being a little bored, but I bet the project will go fast and who knows what other fun stuff might arise from this deal? Someone might ask me to design something special for them, or I don’t know, some other marvelous, mysterious thing might happen. I’m open, world, whatever.

On the Ravelry front, I am delighted to see many Name of the Doctor and There and Back Again scarf project pictures popping up. Yay! I don’t know if people want their efforts broadcast outside of Ravelry, so I won’t post pix and such here, but if you go to the pattern pages and click on the “Projects” tab, you can see them. They’re so good! I’m so proud and happy! Good job, all you brave people.

And I have a hat and two new scarves to show you soon. I think the hat first, later on this week. And then the scarf I have been thinking about and wanting for myself for months now (it came out so great!), and then the Celtic one, which is cool. I think you’ll like them. I can hardly wait to show you. Stay tuned!