Dear Doubleclicks,

I love your songs. I love that you live here in Portland. I love that once in a while, I or my daughter run into you at a Con (KHAAAAAAAN!) and you act as excited to see us as we are to see you, even though you don’t know who we are.

You inspired me to make these two hats.



IMGP0330    Dino Hats

Velociraptor RAWR

This little guy was inspired by a song called Clever Girl, about Hollywood stereotypes and self worth. It made me feel that everyone should have a velociraptor hat.

Remember: RAWR means I LOVE YOU in dinosaur!



Consider the dimetrodon: not really a dinosaur, not really a reptile, not really a mammal. Huge, slow moving, with a beautiful, ludicrous sail on its back, dimetrodon prowled crocodile-like, grabbing and crunching critters in its sharp, sharp teeth. Sadly, there are none left to terrorize land and water today, but we can still honor them. You can listen to Dimetrodon here.  You can get the pattern for the hat here.

Dimetrodon brown  Dimetrodon black

Want to learn more? You can look these creatures up online, or listen to the Doubleclicks at Tell them I sent you!

You can find these patterns for sale on my Ravelry page.


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