Just How Big Is Your Head?

Adventures in hat sizing…

So I’m designing toques. That’s a (fairly) tight fitting knit cap, in case you are not in the vicinity of Canada (I’m no expert, but I am pretty confident “toque” is pronounced like “ooze” with a t in front and a k sound instead of a z at the back end). My toques are adorable and scary. Well, scary in the sense of “not scary at all.” I’d like to present them, and patterns for them, to you kind folks, to delight and amaze. I’ve got medium size figured out. I’ve got large size figured out. But small, like children ages 5 to 10 or so, not so much. And they’re kid-friendly designs, so I need to get this right because I think people will want to make them for actual youngsters.

I need a big kid and a little kid on which to plop a couple prototype small sized hats I made and see how they fit. We know some people with a couple of kids. I’m trying to decide how creepy it would be to knock on their door and say, “Can I borrow your kids’ heads for a few minutes? Do you mind if I use the tape measure on them? Can I take a few pictures, for reference?”

‘Cause I’m thinking it sounds a little on the creepy side, even if you are a laid back, permissive sort of parent. And if I were the kid, I’d not want my parents’ weird friend to be messing round my head, even if my mom were there. I could ask the mom to do it, and hover there, asking for more information in a continuous nervous stream. (“Does it cover the ears? Is it loose, pull tight, or feel just right? Can you tug it down a bit further?”)

My other thought is to use balloons. I could blow them up to about the right size, have someone else hold the tape measure round them, then tie them off at half inch intervals, then wrangle hats onto them to see if I can estimate if they’d fit. Admittedly, not my best plan ever.

Don’t worry; I’ll think of something.


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