Cottage Industry

Starting this designing business has been great. I have an open-ended three year plan (mostly just to remind myself that I’m in this for the long haul), and I have created specific, measurable goals for each month (crossing things off The List is fun – don’t you just love crossing things off your list?). I have project ideas I’m really excited to work on. I’m motivated!

I don’t ever want knitting to become a chore – I mean, with the exception of those times when you just have to get through the middle third of a project and it feels like slogging through the desert with no water. That’s normal knitting grind, just part of the deal. But I don’t want to turn this great thing into a hated job, a “have to,” a burden. It is my home business, a small and enjoyable one, and though I take it seriously, I want to want to do it.

Right now, I want to do it so much that I don’t feel like going to my day job.

I like my job, in general. I have absorbing work to do, a nice office, being downtown is (usually) fun, I really enjoy my coworkers, I am treated with respect and though of course I wish I made more money, I actually believe I am being paid a decent wage. I am blessed, and I am grateful to have a good job. So I should embrace the change in pace, and remind myself that times away from the knitting are healthy and will keep me interested.

But still, Monday morning… is kind of a painful moment. Right? I just want to keep going with my knitting. I have this fantasy of what “Cottage Industry” means, and I yearn to live there. But instead I put on my stupid shoes and go out the door, on time, even.

The knitting will still be there tonight.

PS: Oh, Sherlock, you marvelous, horrible jerk. You warned me not to make you into a hero. Why do I love you so?


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