Soft Perfection Easy Extra Long Cowl


This cowl is for beginner to intermediate knitters. I am a firm believer that any knitted project that can be viewed from both sides should be attractive on both sides. Therefore, this cowl is made with a lovely double sided stitch that gives a woven sort of look. The cowl is long enough to wrap twice around the neck. I hope, if you’re in the market for a cowl, that you’ll give it a try. You can find it here on Ravelry.

I’m finding my stuff on some really, really interesting sites, by the way: did a nice little feature on me (and have talked about me before, which was news to me!), and so of course now I love them sooooooo much as well, wrote a really kind piece (thank you!)

A series of really cool/geeky Tumblr users are spreading the message, as well, though I won’t link those today, since they are pretty much just pics

Also, and

And io9!

Neatorama put the There and Back Again Story Scarf on a list, too, which is awesome.

Like a game of telephone, the facts are morphing a bit, the further the story gets from the source, but I am really enjoying this Google search game: find the reference!

Thanks, everybody!


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