Blessed and Grateful

I hate to do this to you, I really do. I’ve read posts like this myself, and I remember how flat out jealous I felt. But I just have to show you how generous and kind Eve of is in her spirit. Look…

Yarn Gift from Eve I

That’s four skeins of Anne (lace weight alpaca & silk blend) and two of Betsy (worsted weight merino & silk blend). It’s all soft as clouds, and the colors are so vibrant! I am utterly distracted. That orange is just crying out for something amazing to be done with it, can you hear it?

How did I end up with this bounty? I sent a picture and a link of the There and Back Again Story Scarf, to share with Eve how lovely her hand dyed yarn looks in the project. Just that. I thought it would be fun for her to see, because in a way this project is a collaboration between us. Our two sets of hands made this thing happen. Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

And in response, she sent me a wonderful and encouraging email, and then all this gorgeous yarn, and invited me to make more things! Yay! I’ve been walking around all morning with a goofy grin on my face. I may have done a little happy dance, and my husband may have been confused by it. Whatever. I was not “standing there flailing; there isn’t even any music.” If he can’t recognize a happy dance it’s his problem. 🙂

If you want some elegant yarn of your own to cuddle in your arms (and maybe dance with), Eve tells me you can get it, among other places, from her friend Living Dreams Yarn & Fiber’s Ravelry page – there’s an Ebay link. Looks like it’s called Sublime Lace there. Or she has an Amazon shop, too. Go at your peril. You may not be able to resist the pull of this yarn’s seductive gravity.

So expect to see some new projects featuring more fabulous alpaca/silk lace weight soon. Though I already have January’s projects nearly ready to go (six projects to roll out, can you believe it?! I’m a little stunned, myself, but I keep re-counting, and it still comes out to six: three hats, a soft cowl, and two scarves), so it will be a little later in the new year for this fine, fine yarn.

Thank you, Eve!  I am so very blessed.

Yarn Gift from Eve II


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