Local Motion

It is wonderful to feel connected to the wide world, and explore other cultures and see all the things there are to see. I love the internet for that.

It is also wonderful to feel connected to neighbors, to live in a place where you know people around you and they know you back. That’s something Americans like me have pretty much lost and are trying to recapture.

Mid November, we headed to one of the (many) yarn shops here in Portland. I work downtown, and Pearl Fiber Arts is within lunchtime strolling distance.  With the help of the owner, my husband and I selected lace weight yarn for the There and Back Again Story Scarf I had graphed out.  I wanted a clear bright yellow and a nice green – something bright, but natural looking, if that makes sense.  We picked “Anne,” hand dyed by a local woman (www.artbyeve.com) with a farm and crafty, crafty hands. It makes me happy that the scarf I made for my husband helped a local store and a local fiber artist. It’s good to keep the local economy humming along; it helps ensure interesting people stick around, for one thing.

We went back to the store after the scarf was finished, and showed Cindy, the friendly store owner, what I had wrought. She took the great picture of Rick above, saying “Mordor,” and showing off his latest possession. Doesn’t she have great lighting in her store? I’m really impressed. And you can see the yarn I used to make it just to the left of his head. The yellow’s on the top row, the green below.

Cindy posted the picture to her Facebook page. And then a local reporter wrote a link-stuffed paragraph about all this local activity. If you go to OregonLive.com, click on Entertainment, click on Living, go to the Index and find Knitting, then go to the blog with the headline that starts, “Blue Moon Fiber Arts,” then scroll down to the bottom of the article to “Update II,” you get a nice little paragraph about it all. (I love that; just goes to show that newspapers are really trying but still don’t quite understand how to work the web. It’s endearing.)  Or you could just click this convenient link I am providing for you.

I’ve had a couple of newspaper articles written about me over the course of my life, for one reason or another, and this is the only one that got all the facts right, by the way. Tickled me, too, that she called me “local knitter/designer.” It’s true, that is what I am. But it feels kind of fraudulent, like I’m claiming expertise and longevity and that people in the community might nod and say, “Oh, yes, I know her, she lives down the road, does nice work,” when I’m such a noob. Nobody knows who I am. I’ve only been doing this for about two months now.

But I’m not going away any time soon, if I can help it. I plan to grow into that title. Local girl sticks her neck out, looks around, likes what she sees.


3 comments on “Local Motion

  1. And the wonder of the internet means I saw the picture on Pinterest and then followed the link to Etsy and to here, from Australia. Love the pattern and will now have to learn double knitting! thank you so much for the inspiration

    • It is amazing, isn’t it? And now you have rekindled my yearning to get to Australia someday… 🙂

      • worth the effort, bit expensive to travel to far, but plenty of unspoilt beauty and lots of places where there are not that many other people… but good quality food, safe to travel and best of all, Australia was ‘built on the sheep’s back’ and therefore lots of lovely yarn 😉

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