Go Time

Gift giving. Man, it’s hard. You love somebody, you know lots of things about them, but then you are standing in front of the jewelry counter at Macy’s wondering if she’ll like this watch. You know she wants a watch. You’re (pretty) certain you can’t knit a watch; this is going to have to be a purchase.

You know she likes gold more than silver, and big and chunky rather than fine and delicate. And you know your basic budget. And yet you stand there, thinking about all the little things that could make this particular watch, which is gold and kind of chunky and thankfully affordable, still possibly not appealing to her. Like, maybe the numerals on the dial are too spiky, or the links are square, but she’d prefer rounder edges. And it’s not real gold, just gold colored. Maybe that would bug her. You want to show love, but maybe you’re just going to show your ignorance.

It’s happened to you. You like delicate, colorful tree frogs, but you have a friend who thinks big warty toads are the same as frogs so she buys you hideous toad birthday and note cards, thinking that’s what you like (true story). You don’t want to be that guy if you can help it.

How to decide? Buy it? Put it back and decide later? Sneak into her jewelry box, looking around for more clues? Why is this so hard?

Bought the watch. Thank goodness for gift receipts, amiright?


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