The Speech

My coworker friend Jason was teasing me, back when I first put the Name of the Doctor scarf up on Ravelry. It gathered hundreds of “fave” love/like hearts ❤ in the first few days, so he said I was going to reach a thousand “faves” soon.

I responded, “Oh, no! That freaks me out – I can’t even think about that! What if they want me to make a speech or something?” So that’s become a joke – I have a speech to prepare. And now, incredibly, look! Zowie!

Doctor 1000 likes

I refuse to admit to you or anyone that I checked back multiple times per day, nor will I admit that when the counter got to 999 I kept the page open and refreshed repeatedly. Didn’t happen. (Totally happened.)

So here’s my “One Thousand Faves Speech.”

Wow – this is all moving so fast. I opened my little Ravelry “store” at the beginning of November. I posted the “Name of the Doctor Scarf” pattern on November 14. I am absolutely amazed that it reached 1,000 likes in under four weeks. I am very grateful for the welcome Ravelry knitters have given me, and the enthusiasm for the scarf, despite its fancy-pants construction. The thought that someday soon there could be assorted doctor scarves hugging shoulders around the world fills me with joy.

Thank you to my family for letting me knit lots and lots, and to my husband for modeling for us, and to Jason and Steph for taking pictures and to everyone who took a moment to say something nice to me about my work. I’m so very grateful.

I love you back, a thousand times! And I promise not to let knitting fame change me. At least, I won’t let it change me too much. I might let it make me happier.

Thank you!

And thanks to you for reading this stupid speech. I’m such a dork. But really, a thousand people. That’s a lot. A lot a lot.


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