Armenian Dragon Scarf


I’ve made a bunch of scarves this year. Every one of them is my favorite. This one is my especial favorite.

I’m part Armenian, on the paternal side. I decided my brother might like a scarf that reflected that heritage. So, since Armenians are famous for carpets, I decided to look to specifically Armenian carpets for motifs to use. Imagine my delight when I discovered that not only does Armenian carpet style incorporate motifs from all over the middle and far east, but that there was a specific motif called Dragon. DRAGON!!! Dragons are the best! And look at those Armenian dragons, all muscular and mysterious, hinting of Viking ships or snakes and crushing power. But what to put with the dragons? I couldn’t just shrink down a carpet design, even a small one, to hang around one’s neck. Also there were too many good designs to choose just one. So I picked a bunch and used a unifying color scheme to blend them together somewhat.

So here it is. Nine motifs, all double knit and blended together into one gorgeous and intriguing scarf, if you don’t mind me saying so. I hope this is the first in a series. I have the pattern available in my various online shopfronts, or I will soon. Give me a minute…

Dragon close 1Dragon close 2Dragon close 3Dragon close 4



IMGP0157 (2)

So I’ve designed several scarves in the last couple of months. This one is in honor of the VlogBrothers, Hank and John Green (or John and Hank Green? Which name should go first? Am I making some sort of declaration by putting one name in front of the other?). One writes books and one writes songs and does science and they have a lot of irons in a lot of fires but their stated basic aim is to decrease world suck. I approve.

I’ve been watching their YouTube videos for a while, even though I am way too old for their basic demographic. Actually, I think even my¬†kids are a little too old for their basic demographic. I hope it’s OK that I still like them and watch their stuff. I have a niece in college who is also a fan, at least I’m assuming so, since she keeps posting Facebook pictures using their special Nerdfighter salute. These guys and their posse (the Nerdfighters) have this saying: Don’t Forget To Be Awesome. For short, DFTBA. Thus, the scarf. It’s double knit, so it doesn’t have a back. Either side could serve as the front, depending if you want gray with black letters or black with gray letters. And I put a ruffle on it so it would be Super Awesome. Ruffles have that power.

I made it for her for Christmas. I hope she likes it. I really hope she likes it. How embarrassing, if she just likes to pose like that and it’s a coincidence and she doesn’t know what the scarf even means. I just might hyperventilate for a few minutes, picturing that.

I’m going to figure out how to put the pattern up for sale, too. Give me a minute to figure that one out. Actually, give me a few hours. We’re going to see Ender’s Game right now, because it came out this weekend. I’m excited – I love the book so I hope the movie captures the essence of the story.

I’ll show you my other scarves, too. You can see my husband, there, with one of them.

Give me a minute…

This is the End

Being the first post, this is the end if you have been following my little rabbit trail. You’ll have to find something else to do with yourself for a while, at least until I post some more. Why not leave me a comment? I’d like that.