Regency Christmas Scarf

I posted my latest scarf on Ravelry today.  I think it’s lovely.

Christmas leather

Here’s the little story I wrote about it:

Jane set down her pen to blow into her aching hands. Despite the fire in the fireplace, the room would not release winter’s chill. Jane resolutely picked up her pen again – she had left her characters in tangled heartache, and she could not bear to allow them to remain so for longer than necessary.

A soft warm scarf was lain across her shoulders. Jane turned to see her dear sister. She fingered the silky material, marveled at the lovely winter design.

“I made it for you,” Emma said. “Happy Christmas.”

“Thank you,” Jane said, pulling the scarf closer around her neck. “It’s perfect.” And she resumed crafting her story of Lizzie.

Christmas close up

Christmas close up II

This elegant design with evergreen trees, flowers and winter berries is based on a lady’s embroidery pattern printed in 1825.


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