The Name of the Doctor


Announcing my latest design – inspired by Dr. Who!  It has my interpretation of the name of the Doctor, the Tardis, a Dalek constellation and a Weeping Angel constellation, as well as a nebula I reinterpreted from a NASA picture, as well as planets, stars, and lots of swirly bits to indicate the Doctor’s travels. Isn’t it fun? I’m so pleased with it. I designed it for a gift for a family member who once dragged me all the way across town to a pub just because it was Dr. Who themed. I think she just might like it. 🙂

If you like it too, feel free to make your own. I am putting the pattern up on Ravelry, Etsy and Craftsy, like my others. If you want me to make you one instead, we can talk about that. Send me a message on Ravelry or email me at FrivoliteHandcrafts AT gmail DOT com. (Replace the AT with @ and DOT with an actual . to email me.)

I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks to post this one; I’m so, so happy to finally put it up. My daughter tells me this scarf will get me many Karma Points on Reddit. No doubt I’ll begin to feel the good effect of that in a minute.



You can buy the pattern here.


2 comments on “The Name of the Doctor

  1. This is simply beautiful. Outstanding work, I really love the design, it’s my personal favorite that i’ve seen, thank you so much for sharing such a gorgeous design.

  2. Thank you so, so much! I am more than happy to share, especially when you make it so easy for me. 🙂

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