Who on earth worries about yarn? Me, that’s who.

Clever me, I have found something to worry about. My favorite yarn is from a company called KnitPicks. They have been selling a delicate lace weight yarn that is part soft merino wool and part silk. It’s inexpensive and it is gorgeous and I use it in my scarves. The problem is that it seems that maybe they are phasing out this yarn, or at least they are not paying it much attention. Colors are gradually disappearing, as far as I can tell. Yarn, just like any other commodity, is market driven. If people are not buying something, the manufacturer and the seller stop providing it. Makes perfect sense. Someday I may go to KnitPicks and it will just be gone.

Lace weight yarn is very, very fine. The only thinner yarn is called cobweb, and beyond that, thread. I think it does not sell all that well, compared to thicker yarns. People use it to make lacy shawls, generally, and that’s about it. I love this particular yarn because its thinness allows me to add fine detail to my work, it’s light, soft, has a pretty shine, feels great to squeeze in your hands and it’s warm. And, amazingly, it’s affordable. It’s just about perfect. Except for the limited color choices. And the last catalog they sent me didn’t even mention it. That’s getting to me a bit.

What I hope is that people might get excited about double knitting, and start making scarves like I do, and increase demand for the yarn, and ask for more colors and KnitPick’s Gloss Lace yarn makes a dramatic comeback and I can finally get rose pink and a nice soft yellow. Could I be the catalyst for such a transformation? Stranger things have happened. I’d be my own hero! Yay!

Or, someday, I will have to wander lonely and afraid until I find another yarn I want to use for my patterns. Has this happened yet? No! Why do I worry about it, then? I don’t know.

Why do we focus on the ‘what ifs’ instead of what is right in front of us? Imagination is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it is a pain in the posterior. Makes me worry about yarn like a crazy person. Not that I have anything against crazy people. Just don’t really want to be one in a way that anyone else would notice.

Don’t worry about me. I’ll be all right in a minute.


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