The Key to Jack’s Heart


This is a fun scarf. It is double knit, which means like all my scarves it is double sided. I used three colors for the portrait, and a tiny bit of needlework – to make his smile and outline his head.

The motifs are in honor of the game Kingdom Hearts, and the key is probably my favorite: it’s got a pumpkin head and a little bat where the key teeth usually go!


Look at the little bat eyes! I love when a design looks just the way you want it to, just how you pictured it. Well, I don’t mean you, you – I mean me. But I bet you recognize the feeling, if you’ve ever created something from concept to completion.

It took me all evening to get the pattern collected and completed. It is surprising me how many pieces I need to remember to make sure I have the pattern ready for someone else to read. It was less fun than designing it in the first place. An interesting sensation.

This is another in the Christmas gift series of scarves I made this fall. I can’t wait to pass it on, though I will miss it. But I know the recipient is going to really like it. That makes me feel good!


2 comments on “The Key to Jack’s Heart

  1. Adeline says:

    I absolutely love that scarf (well I also LOVE the doctor who one, being a whovian, I think it’s gorgeous!) !!! I wanna knit it for my sister-in-law, but I’ve never knitted a double sided scarf. I know how it works though, and I’d say that my level is intermediate, so I think I’ll try to knit that one for her ! 🙂

    • You are going to do GREAT, and you will have a whole new skill in your toolbox for other projects. If you can make 1×1 ribbing, and have experience working with two colors at once, for instance, with Fair Isle knitting, before long you will find it is a snap to double knit. Though adding the third color, the yellow background for the portrait, is kind of aggravating. Be patient, because once you’re through that part, the rest will go much, much easier. It’s just really a pain in the neck (literally – or at least a pain in the shoulders) to hold three colors at once and try to keep them behaving.
      Please, please send me pics, in progress and/or finished product – I’m so excited! 🙂

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